Zhejiang University   

Co-organization: University of Science and Technology of China


    Geometric analysis is a traditional research area of Zhejiang University. It can be traced back to the "Chen-Su school" of the 1930s.  A lot of famous mathematicians,   especially geometric analysts, came out of this university.  At the beginning of this century, with the resolution of a series of important problems, such as the Poincare conjecture, the differential spherical theorem and the Willmore conjecture, etc., the geometric analysis shows the strong vitality. It will be the 90th anniversary of the founding of the department of mathematics of Zhejiang University in 2018. Therefore, it is of great significance to invite international famous mathematicians and active researchers to hold a geometric analysis conference.

    This workshop provides a communication platform for international famous researchers on geometric analysis and domestic active researchers,  shows the latest research progress of  geometric analysis and encounter trouble,  discuss the direction of the next decade research in this field,  leading young scholars engaged in valuable research.